Dosing Curve

Importance of Correct Dosing

When it comes to dosing, especially for canines, it’s critical to start with a lower dose than the optimum therapeutic dose and work your way up. The are several reasons for this “start-low and go-slow” method. As you can see by the bell curve pictured above, not only can improper dosing be ineffective, but it can also be potentially ineffective. 

Perhaps the most important reason to start low and titrate or work your way up to an optimum dose is to allow your furry friend’s body, mainly the GI tract, to get used to our Hemp Signature Blend. It is important to note that our canine friends, much like their humans, all have different body shapes, sizes, and internal make-ups. Therefore our furry companions will absorb and retain Genie’s Therapeutics Hemp Signature Blend differently. This adjustment period is what paves the way to seeing excellent long-term, consistent results. 

A study conducted by Cornell University concluded that when CBD and CBDA are given at a 1:1 ratio, the efficacy rate increases. Starting with a high dose of a product similar to Genie’s Therapeutics’ Hemp Signature Blend that contains both CBD and CBDA at a 1:1 ratio, you could be giving more tincture than your canine needs. Not only might you find yourself on the wrong side of the dosing bell curve, but your wallet will be a bit lighter than it needs to be. 

The main takeaway is that it is critical to make that first dose a starting dose and then titrate the until you get to the desired effect. Once you find the optimum dose, continue with that same amount to maintain positive efficacy. Most importantly, use our Advanced Dosing Calculator to assist you in finding the optimum dose. 

Slide Dot to Your Dog's Weight

(Dosage Will Appear in Both Drops and MLs)

Weight of Dog in Pounds

Tier #1

Twice a day at mealtime

1 Drops


Tier #2

Twice a day at mealtime

2 Drops


*One drop is equivalent to 0.05ml*
*20 Drops is equivalent to 1.0ml*
Only progress to the next tier if you are not seeing the positive results expected. If positive results have not been achieved after Tier #2, please continue Tier #2 dosing and contact our complimentary Concierge Program for a individual consultation from one of our Veterinary Cannabis Counselors.

Please note, if dosing creates any GI issues, reduce dosing to once a day and contact our complimentary Concierge Program.