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First Responders Program

We know that First Responders are constantly under stress, we also realize that some First Responders have more than two legs. With that in mind, we put our First Responders Program in place to help working canines combat the stress of serving our communities.

Signing up for Genie’s Therapeutics’ First Responders Program entitles any Fur-st Responder Canine, to include active duty or retired Police, Fire, Military, Detection, or Search and Rescue dogs, to a complimentary bottle of Genie’s Therapeutics’ Hemp Signature Blend. As part of the program, each of our four-legged heroes will be eligible to receive a discount on their subsequent orders of our Hemp Signature Blend.

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Genie’s Helps Keep Keshia Feeling Young

Genie’s helps keep my dear old 11 1/2 year old Keshia acting like she is 2 again.

Cindy W.

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“This is the Real Deal”

I haven’t seen Marshall jump onto her bed in years but now she does! I am your long-time customer for sure!

Jonny H.

Testimonial Mena

Mena – Service Dog

We love Genie’s Therapeutics impact on Mena. Mena is a retired FEMA Service dog – proudly carrying for the public the first few years of her life. Being a 90 pound GSD she is so much more active, even jumping on the couch after just 2 weeks of using Genie’s Therapeutics’s twice a day. We are so grateful for the impact the medicine makes on her quality of life. Easily the best product on the market.

Dave & Alison S.


Rose – Thank you for this quality time, Genie’s!

After being diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer we have tried traditional medications many with unacceptable side effects. After starting Rose on Genies Therapeutics Signature Hemp Blend, I have to say I am so pleased. Rose is more comfortable, urinates more easily, and seems in better spirits than she has in a great while.

Angela G

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Johnny Cash – “Cashy”

I owe Genie’s everything and more! Please keep helping 4 leggers like me.

Marcia T.


Mr. Bo

A miraculous tincture that helped me onto the road of recovery. Thanks to Genie’s, I’m still living, love and enjoying life. Their products are the best out there!

Mr. Bo


Ty – Love this so much!!!! Seriously the GT tincture has been reversing his age.

Hemp full-spectrum signature blend! This miraculous tincture is keeping him young and full of energy. Helped with his joint discomfort, and pain – no tremors and no seizures since starting the drops!

Nicole F.

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We love Genie’s Therapeutics impact on Mena

Mena is a retired FEMA Service dog and we are so grateful for the impact the medicine makes on her quality of life.

Easily the best product on the market!!

Dave & Alison

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Since taking it Izzy has less anxiety

Izzy does way better on car rides, whines way less, and gets along with other dogs much better now.

Coley S.


Cami slept soundly through the night

I had a friend visit yesterday and she was impressed with Cami’s mobility and high spirits!


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Sissy is Moving Again

Sissy is 18 and was having a very hard time ambulating, now she is taking the stairs instead of the ramp!!

Pam P.