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Hemp Signature Blend

Introducing our new Hemp Signature Blend

What makes Genie's Hemp Signature Blend so unique? Not only do our ingredients include CBD, but our full-spectrum hemp blend also contains CBDA and CBG while using certified organic, extra virgin olive oil as a carrier oil. Olive oil is an LCT (Long-Chain Triglyceride) carrier oil that provides optimum absorption for superior efficacy.

Our Hemp Signature Blend strictly adheres to Federal and State regulations and standards in the hemp production industry.

Genie's Story

We created Genie's Therapeutics for Genie

Genie was our beloved Airedale Terrier, who sadly developed nasal cancer at the age of seven. Fortunately, we were able to help Genie fight his illness into remission in two months by giving him our specially formulated cannabinoid containing full-spectrum tincture

We would love to share our story with you


How Can Genie's Therapeutics Help Your Dog?

Muscular & Joint Discomfort

Many dogs experience muscular and joint discomfort for a number of reasons. Some breeds are predisposed to muscular and joint issues while others may have underlying conditions that exacerbate discomfort.

Studies have shown that CBD can effectively ease pain caused by Osteoarthritis in dogs, while a study by Cornell University highlighted that using CBDA in conjuction with CBD increases the efficacy of the CBD

Restlessness, Stress & Sleep Disorders

Does your dog get nervous or restless around loud noises like fireworks? You're not alone! Many dogs have difficulty coping with stressful situations like new environments and sudden loud noises.

Our Hemp Signature Blend can help ease occasional restlessness associated with these factors through it's relaxing, calming effects.

Many dogs can suffer from interruptions in their sleep cycles, caused by stress and other underlying conditions. Genie's Therapeutics can help relieve these disruptions and help your dog get the rest they need.


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Equal Parts Love & Science

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for every canine, one dog at a time.

Genie's Dream

In memory of our Airedale Terrier, Genie and because we are genuinely committed to our mission, to improve the quality for life for every canine, one dog at a time, we will donate 1% of all revenue to Genie's Dream, a non-profit dedicated to helping canine wellness causes including economic euthanasia.

Full spectrum hemp based formula

Our formula includes naturally occurring minerals, sugars and fats, extracted using our proprietary methods. It's just like Mother Nature intended, so you get the best for your dog.

See our FAQs to find out more!

Locally & organically produced

Genie’s Therapeutics is grown locally and organically in Oregon. Our products are manufactured using FDA certified machinery in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility. The highest quality ingredients ensure that your dog is getting the best product possible.

Expert advice when you need it

We have partnered with experienced veterinary professionals to answer every question you might have about using our Hemp Signature Blend. Our complimentary Concierge Program's will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Created by dog lovers, grounded in science

We love your dog almost as much as you do! We started Genie’s Therapeutics because we love our own dogs and want to help them however we can. Our passion for canine wellness is deeply rooted in science, research and testing.

Concierge Program

We are here for you and your fur family

We are fully committed to providing the highest standard of quality, support and service to our customers and their dogs.

Have a question about dosing? No problem, our complimentary Concierge Program's Veterinary Professionals are happy to answer all your questions and put your mind at ease. Our comprehensive FAQ section also offers in depth information about our Signature Hemp Blend, vetted by our veterinary professionals.