Why Genie’s Therapeutics?

Does this look all too familiar?
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Muscular & Joint Discomfort

Many dogs experience muscular and joint discomfort for a number of reasons. Some breeds are predisposed to muscular and joint issues while others may have underlying conditions that exacerbate discomfort. Does your dog strain to stand? Do you notice some limping while you’re walking your 4-legged friend?

Restlessness & Sleep Disorders

Does your dog get nervous or restless around abnormal or loud noises like visitors or fireworks? You’re not alone! Many dogs have difficulty coping with overstimulating situations and loud noises. Many dogs can suffer from interruptions in their sleep cycles, caused by excessive excitement and other underlying conditions. Have you witnessed your dog sit straight up out of a sound sleep for no reason?

So what’s the answer?

Studies have shown that CBD alone might provide some of the answers however, a recent study performed by Cornell University highlighted that using CBDA in conjunction with CBD increases the efficacy of the CBD. That same study highlights that using a long-chain triglyceride (LCT) as a carrier oil may improve the absorption and retention of CBD.

With all that being said, Genie’s Therapeutics’ Hemp Signature Blend is clearly the answer. Not only does our Hemp Signature Blend contain CBD, but it also contains CBDA and uses organic olive oil (an LCT) as its carrier oil for maximum efficacy, absorption, and retention of the CBD. All this and USDA Certified Organic!!

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