The reason we use Olive Oil in our Tincures

Organic Olive Oil

If you’ve ever used CBD oil, you’ve likely gotten more from the product than just CBD. CBD tinctures use a number of different carrier oils, sometimes alone and sometimes in combinations. It’s important to note how important these oils are, as certain carrier oils can actually cause inflammation in dogs. However, some oils have been proven to help your dog’s body absorb and retain CBD. Carrier oils also make dosing easier and can also provide added health benefits. At Genie’s Therapeutics, we use organic Olive Oil in our Signature Hemp Blend, we do that for the following reasons:

🫒 High in iron, vitamin K, vitamin E

🫒 Rich in antioxidants

🫒 Highly researched

🫒 Helps improve CBD absorption

🫒 Has anti-inflammatory properties